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What happened to Luis?

Luis came to Sesame Street in 1971, and was the first human addition to the original cast. He is a dreamer who follows his heart, and is also an aspiring writer. He sings, plays the guitar, and teaches people about Hispanic culture and language.

A great handyman, Luis runs the Fix-It Shop, specializing in toaster repair. Over the years, many celebrities have dropped off their toasters for repair, including Robert Redford and Robert DeNiro.

Luis’s relationship with Maria is a positive example of love, romance, and marriage. The couple began dating during Season 19 in 1988, and their courtship and marriage was a year-long event. Their daughter, Gabi, arrived in Season 20.

Emilio Delgado
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Emilio Delgado (born May 8, 1940 in Calexico, California) is a Mexican-American actor. He is best known for his long-running role as Luis, the friendly Latino Fix-it Shop owner, on the children's television series Sesame Street. Delgado joined the cast of Sesame Street in 1971. He was born in Calexico, California and began his professional career in Los Angeles in 1968. Delgado lives in New York City with his wife Carol.

In Los Angeles, he was a company member of Inner City Rep, The Group Repertory, and LA Repertory. Some of his New York theatre credits include The San Diego Street Padres (INTAR), Floating Home (HExTC), Boxing 2000 (Richard Maxwell NYC Players), Dismiss All the Poets (New York Fringe Festival 2002), Nilo Cruz's A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings (Shakespeare Theatre of NJ), Dinosaurios (IATI) and Night Over Taos (INTAR) . Famous for doing ba-limp in many plays and skits.

Emilio can easily claim the longest running part for a Mexican-American actor in a continuing television series. His portrayal of Luis has garnered him universal acclaim and has charmed and inspired viewers for over three decades. He has also performed in live shows throughout his Sesame Street career, interacting and singing the songs of Sesame Street, entertaining thousands of children and families.

On Sesame Street, his character, Luis, was the one of the second human additions to the original cast. Luis was a handyman and an aspiring writer. Luis, now married to Maria, teaches viewers about Hispanic culture and language.

His most recent television appearances include Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent' and "Law & Order: SVU". He was a regular cast member of Lou Grant and also appeared in episodes of Police Story, Hawaii Five-0, Quincy, and Cosby.


Emilio Delgado (Luis) grew up on the border in California, with aspirations of becoming an actor, New York was the furthest thing from Emilio's mind. Little did he know that one of the best jobs an actor could have was 'in the cards' for him a few years down the road; playing the part of "Luis" on Sesame Street! The privilege of playing "Luis" for the last 36 years has been the experience of portraying a Latino in a positive characterization, and to be part of the bilingual and bicultural aspects of the show.
Knowing that his performance over the years has enriched the lives of so many children has given Emilio a deep sense of accomplishment. Being a vital part of the show has given him the opportunity to enrich his own life by traveling extensively to nearly every state. And to have the good fortune to use his talent for acting, comedy and music has been most gratifying to him, surpassed only by the joy of working with so many talented and wonderful people on Sesame Street.

Over the years, Emilio has received many awards for his contributions to the show. In addition to "Luis," Emilio has performed in a variety of film, television and theatre roles across the country. He has also packed concert halls across America singing and performing songs from Sesame Street and the interaction with children and their families has been a big adventure! Emilio continues in the role of "Luis," happily following that adventure on the longest "Street" in the world.

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