Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ceramic Shards of Singapore: Earthernware

Earthernware: Eartheware ceramics are made locally in many parts of the Malay Archipelago. They were traded all across Southeast Asia and widely used. Most of them have very thin walls and may not be very durable.

Earthern pots of Thailand
Description of finds in Singapore.:
The Earthernware pottery found in Singapore are made from local clay found in areas in inland Singapore. It is made of fine paste clay. Some of the walls of the pottery are decorated with paddle-marked decorations found throughout the Malay Archipelago. Some have burnt or scorched marks along the outer walls of the pottery. Others are broken shards from kendis. These are kettle-shaped earthern pots with spouts (minus the handles). Kendis were sometimes also used for religious purposes like water rituals or incense burning in Hinduism and Buddhism

 Picture credits to learn more about Kendis

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