Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ceramic Shards of Singapore: Stoneware

Stoneware pottery: Stoneware pottery is made of clay which is baked in a kiln until it is thick, dense and hard.

(Kiln in Singapore:

In December 2011, Cambodian archaeologists recently uncovered Southeast Asia’s largest kiln site to date at Torp Chey which measured 21 meters in length and almost 3 eters in width. There were also many pieces of large brown-glazed jars, roof tiles, animal-shaped figurines, and sandstone chips found at the site.

Description of Singapore finds

Many of the stoneware shards found in Singapore come from the southern Chinese province of Guangdon. They are called 'Guangdong Ware'. Some of them are also made from northern Vietnam.

(Stoneware items found at St Andrew's Cathedral:

The stoneware jars are usually large and seem to be suited to tore large amounts of liquids. They are also quite durable.

Other stoneware items have a thick, flat and narrow base. It tapers upwards. The walls of the jar also get thinner until it ends with a small round mouth at the top. These stoneware items are called mercury jars. They store liquid mercury which is a poisonous substance which can be used to purify gold. It was also used as medicine.. Do you think it was also used for ceremonial and religious purposes?


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